Sleep Testing at Home

Are you weary of lengthy treatment delays? Imagine addressing your sleep apnea in just 30 days. Dr. Mike Morris and Chittenden Sleep recognize the critical role of sound sleep in maintaining overall health. Our dedicated sleep apnea team is devoted to offering you quick, accessible, and efficient healthcare solutions. Whether you’re starting your journey towards improved sleep or are already familiar with sleep treatments, we’re here to ensure you achieve the best outcomes!

What Sets Our Home Sleep Testing Apart

Millions of individuals are impacted by sleep disorders, and obtaining accurate and timely diagnoses is vital for your health and quality of life. Our home sleep testing service provides a variety of advantages:


Time-Efficient Approach: At Chittenden Sleep, we value your time. In many instances, patients can obtain a Home Sleep Test on the same day as their initial consultation, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for extra visits.

Convenience Redefined: Say goodbye to uncomfortable and inconvenient overnight stays at a sleep clinic. Our home sleep testing kit allows you to undergo the test in the comfort of your own bed, ensuring ease and familiarity.

Precision in Diagnosis: Leveraging state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we ensure highly accurate results. Our medical experts utilize this data to precisely identify any potential sleep disorders, ensuring targeted and effective treatment.

Safety and Comfort: Our home sleep testing is non-invasive and designed for your safety. You can sleep naturally in your environment, enabling us to collect data that accurately reflects your regular sleep patterns.

Cost-Effectiveness: Our home sleep testing presents a more economical alternative to traditional in-lab sleep studies. This affordability makes our services accessible to a wider range of patients, ensuring quality care without financial strain.


How it Works

It’s Easy to Get Started


Chittenden Sleep is here to address your sleep-related concerns with utmost care. Our team will thoroughly assess the appropriateness of home sleep testing for your specific needs. By partnering with board-certified pulmonologists, we ensure that you have the expertise you deserve. 


In the majority of instances, we will furnish you with a home sleep testing unit on the same day as your consultation, complete with the required equipment and straightforward instructions. The device will gather data throughout the night. Following your test, simply return the unit to us.


Our team of board-certified pulmonologists will meticulously analyze the collected data, utilizing their expertise to generate a comprehensive report outlining the findings. This detailed report will offer valuable insights into your sleep patterns and any potential sleep disorders.

Caring for You

Should a sleep disorder be identified through analysis, the Chittenden Dental Team in Burlington VT is dedicated to collaborating closely with you and your sleep doctor. Together, the team will formulate a personalized treatment plan designed to enhance your sleep quality and contribute to your overall health and well-being. 

Free Risk Assessment

If you think you may have signs of obstructive sleep apnea, fill out our short screener and our Team will contact you with your results.

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